Guide for Uniqa health insurance 



It contains all relevant information if you are feeling unwell.


You can find what exactly can be covered in this insurance.

You received an important documents when you signed your contract: your Declaration of accession. If you are unsure whether you have a valid Uniqa insurance, you can inquire about it in the Stipendium Hungaricum Student Office (located on the left hand corridor on the ground floor of Building R).

If you have any medical problem, you need to call Uniqa’s hotline: +36 1 461 1526. The insurance company will then book an appointment for you, or tell you where to go. Please note that they cover the costs of treatments ONLY if they are informed in advance (except in case of life-threatening emergency). They do not cover any dental services either!

If you need to visit a doctor at weekend, or on a national holiday, you can go to the emergency department of a state hospital for treatment. In this case, you will have to pay for the service and ask for a formal invoice about the treatment. You will need to call the hotline on the next workday, explain your situation and send them your invoice. They will be able to reimburse you only afterwards.

Acute illness, or minor injury

After you called the hotline, Uniqa will inform you about the details of your appointment via email. Make sure that you bring your documents and your Declaration of accession with you. Uniqa will automatically pay for this doctor’s visit. 

Emergency situation

In urgent cases, Uniqa will tell you to visit a state hospital. Once you spoke with the insurance company and received this suggestion, you can ask for a mentor’s help at Please include your full name, Neptun code, phone number and exact location, and explain your situation as thoroughly as you can (that you have Uniqa insurance, your actual medical issue and whether you have a TAJ card as well). Please bring your documents and Uniqa contract with you to the hospital. You will need to ask for a formal INVOICE, too. Otherwise, your expenses will not be reimbursed. 

The location of Emergency hospitals in the districts where most of our students live:
District 11: 1115 Budapest, Tétényi út 12-16/A
It is inside the Szent Imre hospital complex, near the emergency entrance. Many doctors we met there could speak English, but you can never be sure about it.

Districts 6 and 7: 1073 Budapest, Dob utca 86.

Districts 8 and 9: 1096 Budapest, Haller utca 29/A
It is located in a large hospital complex, but it has a separate entrance from Haller utca.

How do I know which district I live in?

It is quite easy to decide: you can see a 4-digit postal code in your address. The two middle numbers indicate the district. For example, Visit dorm’s postal code is 1114, meaning it is located in district 11, or Corvin dorm’s postal code is 1082, which means it is located in district 08.

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