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COVID-19 Vaccination

Immunity certificate

Online grocery shopping


COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Vaccines are voluntary and free – you do not need to have a TAJ number.
  • You will need two doses to develop immunity.
  • If you want to get vaccinated, register here first (do not worry, you might not get an email after registration).
  • After registration, you can book an appointment for the vaccination here (even without a TAJ card) – and even choose the type of vaccine which will be given to you (availability of certain vaccines may change day by day though).  The government made a video guide to help you with the appointment booking.
  • There are some conditions (e.g. pregnancy, certain allergic reactions) in which the vaccine cannot be given to you. This includes a positive PCR test that was made within 3 months.
  • Before getting the vaccine, you will need to fill out a consent form. We translated it for you, you can find it here.

COVID-19 Guide

You will find useful information on what to do if you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19.

What should you do at home if you have symptoms of coronavirus?
  1. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or you have benn in contact with an infected person, the most important thing to do is to start a home-quarantine. This means you should stay home and avoid all external contact, as well as ordering groceries online and general necessities from home. (The most common symptoms are: fever or chills, dry cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.)  
  2. Please send an email to the MedHelp Team at: with the following personal information:
  • Full name:
  • Gender: 
  • Neptun code: 
  • Mother’s maiden name:  
  • Address (which is on your address card):  
  • Date of birth:  
  • Place of birth:  
  • Nationality:  
  • TAJ number:  
  • Expiration date of TAJ card:  
  • Phone number:  
  • Have you contacted any COVID-19 positive person or have you been experiencing any symptoms?  
  • Description of your symptoms in detail:  

The MedHelp Team will contact your General Practitioner (GP) to inform them about your condition and determine whether it is a situation to obtain a Covid test to your domicile.

3. You also have to fill out the E088 request on Neptun, to let the University know about your situation.

4. Keep a safe distance with your housemates and roommates as well! Do NOT share food, drinks, or other consumables! Wash your hands regularly with soap, wipe the toilet, bathroom and kitchen handles and other utensils several times a day with disinfectant! Wash your used clothes as soon as possible, change the bedding often!

5. Ask for help from a friend or use home delivery for shopping. You can find a detailed guide for online grocery, medicine and pharmacy services on our website:

6. In order to relieve your symptoms, follow the next instructions:

  • Drink plenty of water and tea. 
  • Put lemon juice in your tea/ water for extra vitamins. 
  • Take vitamin C and D supplements (some say iron can feed the virus so choose individual vitamins instead of multivitamins or other mixes).
  • Do not drink any alcohol and limit your cigarettes as much as you can. 
  • If you have a fevermanage it with medication like Advil Ultra or any other that you are familiar with. 
  • Measure your temperature oftenKeeping a record of your body temperature and medication can provide youyour
     with very useful information. 
  • Manage your headache with medication if you need to. 
  • You can inhale with camomille tea, other kinds of herbal tea, or inhalant. 
  • Rest and do not do any strenuous exercise. 
  • Open the window for some fresh air but make sure you do not cool down your room too much. 
  • Lying on your stomach has a particularly good effect. This makes it easier for oxygen to reach parts of the lungs that it couldn’t not reach otherwise 
  • If you have difficulty breathing try to relax and breathe slowly (in your nose, out your mouth with half-closed lips as if you were whistling) and lean forward a bit to make breathing easier.

7. The most effective way to activate your body’s healing power is resting and sleeping a lot. Your body needs time and rest to be able to take up the fight and develop the right defense strategy against the virus. Therefore, it is very important that the rest is a real rest and not work from home! Fatigue and drowsiness is a sign from your system that your body’s own self-healing mechanisms have been set in motion. Allow yourself a restful sleep so your body can do its thing.

8. This period is now an opportunity to deal with relaxing things that otherwise you would not have time for. 

9. If you experience difficulty breathing or your condition gets drastically worse, call 112 (Hungarian emergency number). 

What to do before testing?

In case it is necessary, yourGeneral Practitioner (GP)  can order a test free of charge. Expect the sampling workers to arrive dressed in a white uniform that looks like a “spacesuit”. It is important that you do not eat, drink, smoke, do not brush your teeth 2 hours before the sampling!

Your GP will notify you of the test result. 

When is it necessary to call an ambulance?

Some symptoms indicate that you need immediate help. Call an ambulance on 112 if you experience any of the following symptoms:  

  • severe or increased difficulty breathing, suffocation (shortness of breath, bluish lips, pallor) 
  • severe or increased chest or abdominal pain 
  • fainting, loss of consciousness 
  • sudden severe dizziness, or sudden visual disturbances or speech problems 
  • severe, sudden movement disorder, paralysis 
  • confusion perceived by the environment 
  • spitting or vomiting blood, or uncontrollable bleeding 
  • persistent, increasing vomiting or diarrhea 

What information do ambulances need? 

  • Your name (if a friend calls: who is the patient?) 
  • Exact address: where is the patient? 
  • What are the symptoms? 
  • Important history (for example confirmed coronavirus infected) 
  • (If necessary: how ambulance can get into the house or apartment) 
If you have to go to the hospital

If the ambulance decides that hospital care is safer for you, you can go to the infectious department of the territorially competent hospital, to an epidemiological hospital, or to another institution designated for COVID care. The hospital will carry out all the necessary tests and re-check whether you are infected with a coronavirus or not. If the laboratory result confirms that you are infected with a coronavirus, you will be treated in a ward that is also prepared for this care. If you are uninfected and have another illness, you will be placed in a department appropriate to your illness. 

What should you take to the hospital? 

It is important to bring drinks (preferably water) and non-perishable food with you so that these are at hand while you wait for the intake tests. At the hospital you will need: 

  • personal documents (ID, address card, TAJ card) 
  • list of medications you take regularly and medication for at least a few days 
  • if you have diabetes: your blood sugar meter and (if you use it) insulin 
  • if you have asthma / COPD: inhaled medicines, inhaler 
  • sleepwear, pajamas 
  • slippers 
  • towels 
  • bathroom products 
  • mobile phone and charger 
  • leisure equipment, e.g. book, puzzle 
Where can you get psychological help?

The current situation can raise many questions, worries and anxieties can intensify. It can help a lot if you share your feelings and thoughts with your friends. If you need more help, you can get free help at: 

Useful links

You can find more information on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website here: 

Immunity certificate

As more people are vaccinated, more restrictions are lifted for cardholders

Some examples of what cardholders are allowed to do after 4 million vaccinations: go to closed parts of restaurants, visit recreational facilities (zoosmuseumstheatres),  go to sports facilities (gymswimming pool) and sports events.

Acquiring the immunity certificate
1. After getting vaccinated in Hungary
  • You receive it automatically, free of charge.
  • There is no expiration date, the first day of immunity is written on it.
  • The type of vaccine you got is not mentioned.
2. After recovery
  • You receive it automatically, free of charge.
  • The card is valid for 6 months from the day you leave the hospital or the day of your first negative PCR test after a positive one. (If you only have one PCR test (positive), you will receive a card that is valid from your first day out of quarantine.) 
3. After having covid without symptoms
  • It is not freenor automaticYou have to pay for an antibody test (11 000 Ft) and the certificate (3 000 Ft). You have to arrange an antibody test (11 000 Ft) at a private laboratory first and then apply for the certificate (3 000ft).
  • With the results, you have to request the card at a government office (kormányablak)  in person or through an online form (in order to be able to do it online, you need to have a customer site (ügyfélkapu) account).
  • The card is valid for 4 months, starting from the day of the test.
4. After getting vaccinated outside of Hungary

If you receive your shots outside of Hungary, and then you travel here, there is a possibility to apply for a Hungarian Immunity Certificate. You can either apply online using client gate (ügyfélkapu) or going to any government office (kormányablak) personally. For the application you will need an English or Hungarian official document stating the type of vaccine and the date, place of the vaccination.  

Please be aware that only vaccines received in certain countries are accepted in Hungary. You can find some examples of the countries in which the vaccine received are accepted in Hungary:  

Azerbaijan, Bahrein, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, EU member states, NATO member states, OECD member states etc.  

About the exact list of countries, which is expanding day-by-day, you can receive more accurate and up-to-date information at government offices.  

Where will they send your card?
  • It will either get sent to the address on your address card (the one you write on the paper they give you when you get your first shot of vaccine or the one you registered with). The system is a bit inconsistent so please check all possible addresses.
  • You can change the address they choose to deliver your card to at a government office (kormányablak).
  • If your card doesn’t arrive within 2-3 weeks after the first dose of vaccine, go to the government office or write an email to the following email address:
What if you have not received your card?

If you moved recently, or you have multiple addresses on your address card, make sure they didn’t deliver it to one of the other addresses.

Moreoverthe system is overwhelmedall the cards are sent by mail, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks. If it doesn’t arrive by then, write an email to vedettsegiigazolvany@1818.huor visit a government office.

Benefits of having the immunity certificate

As more people are vaccinated, more restrictions are lifted for cardholders. Currently most of the restrictions are lifted, but as the pandemic situation, it may change from one day to another. Please always be informed of the official websites.  

Some examples of the rules currently in force:  

  • It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask, except in hospitals and social institutions.  
  • It is no longer obligatory to hold an Immunity Certificate to enter restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities  
  • For sporting, dance, and other indoor events, as well as outdoor events with more than 500 people attendances, limits remain in force and entry is only allowed to holders of Immunity Certificates.  

European Immunity certificate

If you face any problems regarding the EU Immunity Certificate you can ask for help at this email address: 

Who is eligible for the certificate?
1. After getting vaccinated

Those who have been vaccinated at least once and not more than one year has elapsed since the first vaccination. The vaccination certificate is valid for 1 year.  

If you plan to travel, the host country will determine which vaccines it will accept to justify vaccination. All vaccinated persons can receive a vaccination certificate, regardless of which coronavirus vaccine they have received, but the host country will determine which vaccines are accepted. Please also note that for vaccines, the EU Immunity certificate (both in the application and in the downloadable, printable version) contains the official name of the vaccine and the manufacturer, which is not the same as the names of the vaccine used in everyday life! It is also up to the host country to determine how many vaccinations are required and how many days must elapse after vaccination.

2. After recovery

You are eligible for a certificate after recovery if more than 15 days have elapsed since the last positive PCR test for coronavirus or a positive antigen test, and not more than 180 days have elapsed. The maximum validity of this type of card is 180 days, but countries may set a shorter date. In this case, the card must be issued no earlier than 11 days after the person was first subjected to a positive antigen rapid test or a negative PCR test.

3. Having a negative PCR test

You can also apply for the certificate if you obtained a negative PCR test recently. Please be aware that host countries can determine for themselves the validity of the test that is required to enter that country (this can be 24, 48, 72 hours). 

Acquiring the European immunity certificate
1. Online

The online option is only available for those who already have a client gate account (ügyfélkapu)!

The easiest way to obtain the certificate is to download it in electronic form. For those wishing to travel within the European Union it is advised to use this method if possible. You need to download the EESZT application first, and then follow the instructions. 

You also have the option to print out the certificate. Only those who have a TAJ card can download and print the certificate with their client gate by logging in via the EESZT. For this option you can find the instructions here. 

2. Personally

The certificate can also be requested in paper form at government offices (kormányablak) free of charge. You can visit any government office during the opening hours without arranging an appointment. The card will be issued immediately upon request. 

Guide to Online Grocery Shopping for Students in Quarantine

We urge you to order your groceries from an online vendor such as the ones below is you are in quarantine. You will find several price differences and delivery times so consider the most convenient.  

Always add your room number to the delivery address! 

General Tips
  • Avoid buying perishables. If possible, try to opt for items that last longer even when not refrigerated such as canned goods, legumes and grains,
  • Plan to buy food that can be prepared fast or in less than 20 minutes (your allotted kitchen time), for example cereals, pasta, sandwiches, etc. Please avoid foods with long cooking time during these times.
  • Buy enough goods for at least 10 days. If possible, schedule another order if your quarantine is longer,
  • Consider getting online coupons and discount codes. Here are some starting points: and
  • Check your toiletries and hygiene products to see if you have enough before ordering.
  • Remember to always choose no contact delivery and online payment.
  • Keep as balanced diet as you can. Remember to keep your immune system strong.
  • Consider buying vitamins and supplements (especially Vitamins C, D, and Zink).
    Online pharmaceutical services

    Unfortunately, most of these online services do not have an English translation. Try to use the extension of google translate from your browser. If this does not work, then we will be happy to support you in translation. 

    These are just some of the many online services offering medicines.  

    [DISCLAIMER: These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by IMT of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. IMT bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.] 

    Online grocery shopping services

    These services often offer both household items and food products. They also take different times to deliver.

    Online food delivery services

    You can order already prepared meals.  

    Medicine and Vitamins

    Although, these do not cure/prevent/treat COVID, they could ease some pain and make it easier to cope with the symptoms. These are products that are popular in Hungary. Please be safe taking them and follow the recommendations on the packaging. Also make sure that they do not contain allergenics that you are aware can cause you a reaction. Lastly make sure you pay attention to WHO for recommendations 


    • Drug store medicine:
      • Neo Citran: It can be in powder (soluble in warm water) or tablets. Helps with throat pain, fever, headache, etc. It is a popular cold medicine. 
      • Advil: It comes in capsules. There are several lines of the product but they mostly focus on treating pain, fever and inflammation (ibuprofen). It is a popular headache remedy 
      • Rubofen 
      • Panadol 
      • Algoflex, 
      • Saridon,  
      • Nurofen 
    • Tea:
      • Camomile tea: You can buy a pack of tea bags in online stores. It is internationally a traditional folk remedy to relieve from colds among many other illnesses. 
      • Green Tea: It is loaded with antioxidants and can provide several health benefits. Drinking tea will also help keep you hydrated. 
    • Vitamins: In Hungary you can get vitamin capsules, hard tablets and effervescent tablets. You can get these from your preferred online supermarket or drugstore. The most recommended Vitamins for this situation:
      • C Vitamin 
      • D Vitamin  
      • Zink 

    Criteria for the release from quarantine

    1.1 Premise of Covid-19 affected people from hospitals: 

    • Criteria: Patient (without any symptoms) without fever within 3 days, disappearing or improving symptoms of air-passage sickness, improving radiology of pneumonia. After 10 days of the symptoms appearing, patients will need 10 days of quarantine at home. They need to notify the Public Health Department. 

    1.2. Condition of microbiological release: 

    • Sars-CoV-2 Ag test is needed. In case of a negative test (test cannot be done before the 7th day of symptoms appearing) the patient can be considered as recovered. 
    • Patient with lack of symptoms can be considered as healthy after the 10th day of taking a negative test of SARS-CoV-2 PCR or SARS-CoV-2 Ag.  
    • In a social home (nursing homes)1 quarantine is ceased to exist when isolation is ended after approving of paragraph 1.2.
    • After 21 days of noticing the symptomsquarantine can be considered as done in a social institute. 
    1. Release of patients held in home or social homes:
    • Patient is clear of fever after 3 days, free of respiratory symptoms, and 10 days have passed after noticing symptoms. They can be considered as healthy and can be released to society. 
    • In a social home (nursing homes) quarantine is ceased to exist when isolation is ended after approving of paragraph 1.2. 
    1. Release of people provided with healthmaintenance, lack of Covid: 
    • In case of the patient being held in hospital for (more than) 48 hours: an oro/nasopharyngeal test of SARS-CoV-2 PC is needed. Shorter provision time does not need any examination. 
    • In case of more than 2 days of medical attendance and after a negative PCR test, clinically healed or symptom-free patients can be released after a negative test for SARS-CoV-2 Ag. 
    • Any case of not completing the rules written above will be held under suspicion for 10 days. They cannot be placed in the same room as people clearly affected by Covid-19. 
    1. Release of Covid-19 affected public health workers:
    • They need to be considered as healthy or need to have a negative SARS-CoV-2 Ag test (test cannot be done before the 7th day of appearance of any symptoms). 
    • After the 21st day after marking the symptoms, they can be released with 2 negative tests. Health workers can return to their job after completing the criterions written above.  


    In this case, Visit hostel can be considered as a social home or social institute.