Welcome to BME!

We are the International Mentor Team (IMT). Our organisation was founded to help international scholarship holders (SH, SCYP and ME3+) settle in Budapest. We will help you through some of your mandatory administration steps and organise fun events for you!

First steps

Here is an outline of the first administrative steps you will have to take as a new student at BME. Click the button below for our other videos on useful info at BME!

Official steps

You can find all the information you need when first arriving in Hungary: special entry requirements and transportation opportunities from the airport.



You can find a detailed description of the university’s registration process including a guide to Neptun.


Depending on where you are from, you have strict deadlines to register at the Immigration Office. Here is how to do it.

Immigration Office

If you received a Hungarian governmental scholarship, you are required to open a Hungarian bank account.

Bank account

In addition to the Hungarian bank account, you will need a tax ID as well in order to receive your scholarship.

Tax office

You are eligible for free healthcare in Hungary if you have a TAJ card. Your TAJ number is also necessary to be legally employed in Hungary. 

TAJ card

Official steps

It is strongly suggested that you start your application at least 2 months before your current card would expire!

Residence permit renewal

To renew your residence permit you must have valid health insurance, Start the TAJ renewal by renewing your residence permit.

TAJ renewal


Whenever you move to a new place, you are legally obliged to report it to the Immigration Office within 3 workdays.

Address card update

Contact us

If you have any questions please check the FAQ or contact us using the form below! We aim to provide answers as detailed as possible, which can take some time. Please be patient, we cannot respond instantaneously.

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