Arrival to Hungary

Let this page be your guide to your arrival at Budapest airport!

Special entry requirements due to COVID-19

From 1 September 2020, all countries of the world are classified unsafe to travel to/from by the Hungarian authorities. This measure is to protect all residents from the spread of the Coronavirus. Please be mindful of this and do NOT engage in unnecessary international travel (not even within the EU!!!) until further notice!

Students at Hungarian universities can still enter Hungary despite the ban. However, there are strict rules regarding it! In these volatile times, rules and regulations may change overnight, so please keep an eye on Hungarian news.


  • As soon as you arrive you have to fill out the 913_COVID request in Neptun. The university has to know when your quarantine ends and where you are staying. If you already arrived and did not fill out the request yet, please fill it out nonetheless. Submitting the request is necessary in order to get your scholarship.
  • All students are subject to a 10-day-long mandatory home quarantine at your Hungarian address. The quarantine may be lifted in case you take 2 PCR SARS-CoV-2 tests in Hungary (at least 48 hours apart). The university cannot provide you with a place to spend your quarantine, hence we strongly advise you to arrange accommodation for yourself before arriving!
  • Testing is conducted at Semmelweis University (this is arranged by BME so you will need to register for the tests through BME, for more info click here). If you decide to do the tests privately, you can request clinics to do the test for you. They will cost you 19,500 HUF (54 EUR), and in this case they will not be reimbursed by the university. A complete list of competent clinics are available here in Hungarian. Also two of these clinics have websites in English: Rózsakert Medical Center and Buda Health Center.
  • Alternatively, you can stay in quarantine for 10 days. Online grocery shopping and deliveries work perfectly in Budapest, so you will not face any needs.


  • If you have your residence permit, bring it. If you are a new student or your residence permit has expired, apply and wait for a D-type visa if it is a requirement from your country.
  • Download, fill in and print the Neptun certificate, according to this page.
  • Print your Letter of Acceptance.
  • Request and print a student status certificate (E999 request on Neptun).
  • Arrange quarantine accommodation if your long-term accommodation is not suitable for self-isolation.
  • Submit a leniency form on the Hungarian Police’s website: We have prepared a guide for it, but now it is available in English, too!
  • If you cannot arrive to Hungary by 6 September, please fill in the  E022 request on Neptun!

Also, if you live in a dorm, you have to make sure that you can spend your mandatory two weeks of quarantine elsewhere! Do not even attempt to come to any of our dorms, because you would be risking all residents’ and dorm workers’ health and safety.

To stay up-to-date with the latest updates on preventive measures by the Hungarian government, please refer to and!


At the airport

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not be picking first-year students up at the airport this year. However, you can use the video below to help you navigate in the city upon your arrival. Bear in mind that the videos were shot a year ago and because of that the schedule of Metro 3 (and that of its replacement buses) has changed somewhat!

How to reach your accomodation from the airport

  1. You can get a Taxi from the aiport, it is around 20-25 EUR or 6000 HUF.
  2. You can catch the Minibus from the aiport, if you are 3-4 with your friends it is cheaper:
  3. You can use public transportation. You have to buy at least a transfer ticket (530 HUF)

Public Transportation

Option A: 

It takes around 60-65 minutes to get to either Visit Hostel, or Kocsis Dormitory. A simple transfer ticket is enough which costs 530 HUF, which is around €1.60. 

  1. From Liszt Ferenc International Airport, you have to take bus 200E to Nagyvárad tér station (this is the last stop).
  2. From  Nagyvárad tér station you have to take Metro 3 (or Metro 3 replacement bus at the weekends) and change to Metro 4 at Kálvin tér station.
    • for Visit Hostel you have to get off at Móricz Zsigmond Körtér. The hostel is a 2-3 minute walk from the station.
    • for Kocsis Hostel you have to travel two more stations until Bikás Park.  The hostel is a 7-8 minute walk from the station.

Option B: 

It takes around 50-55 minutes to reach either Visit Hostel, or Kocsis Dormitory. It is a slightly faster and less complicated way, but it is a bit costlier. You will need to purchase a special single ticket for the bus 100E and another single ticket. They will cost you 1250 HUF altogether, which is around €4.

1. From Liszt Ferenc International Airport, you can take bus 100E to Kálvin tér station.

2. Change to Metro 4 and refer back to Option A!

From Móricz Zsigmond Körtér you have to walk 3 minutes as you see on the map below.
From Bikás Park Metro Station you have to walk 7 minutes as you see on the map below.

First steps

Once you arrive, you will probably need to get a Hungarian phone number. There are three major network service providers: Telekom, Telenor and Vodafone. All three of them have similar quality and prices, so the choice between them is down to personal preference. Telekom and Vodafone also provide broadband, so if you are movong to a flat, you may get a better bundle deal with them.

Contact us

If you have any questions please check the FAQ or contact us using the form below! We aim to provide answers as detailed as possible, which can take some time. Please be patient, we cannot respond instantaneously.

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