In case of a serious injury, or dangerous/fatal symptoms, go to the Emergency Room of the closest hospital. Look for Sürgősségi. If the situation looks life-threatening and you, or your peer cannot be safely transported to the hospital, please call 112 to ask for an ambulance. Please note that the ambulance must ONLY be called in serious situations. If you call the for unjustified reasons, you might get a fine!

Hospitals that operate non-stop emergency rooms are the following:

  • Szent Imre Kórház: 1115 Budapest, Tétényi út 12-16. (Building A)
  • Szent János Kórház: 1125 Budapest, Diós árok 1-3.
  • Semmelweis Egyetem: 1082 Budapest, Üllői út 78a. (Enter from Szigony utca)
  • Honvéd Kórház: 1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly körút 44.
  • Péterfy Kórház: 1074 Budapest, Alsó erdősor utca 7.
  • Péterfy Kórház: 1081 Budapest, Fiumei út 17. (This is the national centre for accidents and physical injuries!)
  • Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kórház: 1106 Budapest, Maglódi út 89-91.
  • Jahn Ferenc Dél-pesti Kórház: 1204 Budapest, Köves út 1.
  • János kórház: 1125 Budapest, Diós árok 1-3. building 26.

In case you need our help, send us an email to imt.medhelp@bme.hu and we will get back to you ASAP. Please be as specific in your email as possible.

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