Psychological help

Which help do I need?

Throughout our lives, we have all gone through difficult situations, and experienced difficult times. There are situations that can be solved more easily with the help of a trained professional. The picture below will help you decide what kind of help you need. For more information, visit the website of ÉSZI.


Psychological counselling

We all experience challenging situations in life that are difficult to cope with. Your previous solutions do not work anymore and you have not found new ones yet. The purpose of counselling is to help you get past these barriers.

When is it suggested? 

  • If you would like to change a certain habit (i.e. procrastination, getting friends, dating, etc.)
  • If you have problems in your relationships (i.e. break-up, grief, communication, family conflicts, etc.)
  • Self-knowledge questions

Psychological counselling is available for all students at the campus of BME for free. If you would like to know more about individual psychological counselling visit the website of ÉSZI or register for counselling sessions directly here.


    For BME students, any form of psychological counselling is free of charge.

    Application for counselling


    Visit the website of ÉSZI – the organization arranging counselling at BME.

    More about counselling


    In some cases, psychological counselling might not be a fitting choice for you. If you experience any of the following problems, it is worth asking for help at psychotherapy: 

    • Long-standing or returning difficulties 
    • Difficulties in emotion regulation, self-control, abuse, self-harm, etc. 
    • Having a diagnosis of mental or behaviour disorder (phobias, depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.) 
    • Experiences and losses of childhood 
    • Multiple questions of self-knowledge 

      Please note that these services are most of the time not covered by the TAJ card or most private insurances. However, we know some organizations that offer these services for an affordable price. Here you can find more information about psychotherapy, and how to find an English-speaking doctor.


        ÉSZI’s website has more info on this topic

        More about psychotherapy

        Emotional crises

        If you are going through a severe emotional crisis or experiencing any self-harm, you need immediate help! Go to the following clinic and ask a friend to go with you if needed (or ask a mentor through our contact form). If you don’t have the strength, call an ambulance (dial 112). 


            Contact them in case of severe emotional crisis.

            Crisis ambulance at Péterfy Hospital


            ÉSZI’s website has more info on this topic

            More info on crises

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