What doctor do you need? 

You can get treatment ONLY with a valid (not expired) TAJ card (the expiration date is on your TAJ card). If you haven’t applied for a TAJ card or it’s about to expire, please check out our TAJ page hereBear in mind that the application can take several months, and you might have to renew your residence permit first! So make sure you start the application process in time.

Your first contact in practically all medical cases.

Family doctor (GP)

Whenever you have a more complicated medical condition, you need to see a specialist. Most specialists need a referral, so you might need to see your GP first anyway!



If you have mouth/teeth-related problems, you should visit a dentist!


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If you have any questions please check the FAQ or contact us using the form below! We aim to provide answers as detailed as possible, which can take some time. Please be patient; we cannot respond immediately.

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