Registration to BME

This step is fully handled by the university, they will send you an e-mail about it.
This page only contains some general information about the process.


Initial Registration

UPDATED: 2023.07.25

Registration at BME is organized by the Central Academic Office (CAO). They have prepared a newsletter containing all the relevant information about the way of registration and the necessary documents. You can find the newsletter for the 2023/24/1 semester here.

The registration consists of two parts. The first is online, during which you have to upload the necessary documents to Neptun as described in the newsletter. The second part is the in-person registration when the documents required for enrollment are carefully checked in person. In case of falsified/fake documents or documents with questionable origin, registration will be refused from the applicant. After registration, your student status certificate will be given to you which is a necessary document for your residence permit application at the Immigration Office.

For the most up-to-date information, please always check the website of the Central Academic Office of BME:

About the Neptun system

The Neptun system is BME’s database managing students’ personal, academic, and financial data and the subjects and courses which they can study at BME. Your initial login name in Neptun is the Student ID code sent in your letter of acceptance and your initial password includes your birthdate in the following format: NeYYYYMMDD. It is recommended to change your initial password.

You can learn about the function and meaning of the different requests available in Neptun here.

The CAO has prepared useful guides about how to use Neptun, you can find these guides here.

Registering for subjects

Subjects can be registered in Neptun at Subjects/Register for subjects after you registered for the term as an active student. The period of pre-registration term will be open between 18:00 CEST, 22.08.2023 and 23:59 CEST, 31.08.2023.

The CAO has prepared a guide about registering for subjects, you find find it here

Student status certificate

Student status certificates can be requested through the E027 Request for a certificate request, the certificate will be uploaded as an attachment to the request which the students can download. This certificate is digitally signed, so it is only valid in a digital format. If you need one in paper format, you can request it at the CAO (BME building R ground floor) during their opening hours. The student status certificate will be necessary for several official administrational steps, like applying for a residence permit or TAJ card.

Important: Student status certificate can be issued only after completion of registration and enrolment and from only the 4th of September 2023. 

Student ID card

To apply for and receive a student ID card is free of charge if you are a student of active status at any Hungarian higher education institution. The CAO has prepared a guide about the application, you can find it here.


The rules affecting university education and university life are available here.
You can find the following regulations there:

  • Code of Studies (CoS/TVSZ)
  • Regulations on student fees and benefits (only available in Mozilla Firefox)
  • Code of Ethics
  • Security and Asset Protection Policy
  • Doctoral And Habilitation Procedures
  • Scholarship regulations for SH, SCYP and Diaspora students
  • Scholarship extension regulation

Contact us

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