Most specialist can be visited ONLY with a referral that you get after consulting with your GP. On the other hand, you can directly approach the following specialists with no referral:

These specialists are mostly located in one central state clinic in each district. Regardless of having a referral or not, you need to make an appointment, which can do on the phone (though there is a chance they won’t speak English), or personally at the reception desk. We recommend visiting the reception personally, as there is always at least one English-speaking staff there, and they need to register some of your personal details data. To book an appointment, you will always need your TAJ-card, residence permit and your address card, plus the referral from the GP, if necessary.

While booking an appointment, ask the receptionist whether the doctor speaks English or not. If he can’t, then send us an email to imt.medhelp@bme.hu with the time of the visit and the clinic, so we can provide you assistance there. If you have any problems earlier with the booking process, you can also write a mail.

The clinics in those districts where most of our students live:

  • District 11: Szent Kristóf Szakrendelő: 1117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 12. (http://www.szentkristofrendelo.hu)
    Most specialists are located here, and there is an English-speaking assistant at the reception desk.
    * An exception is dermatology: it is located at 1114 Budapest Ulászló u. 1 (a few minutes from the main building). They have a separate reception where you can book appointments and they also speak English.
  • District 1: Maros Rendelő Budavári Önkormányzat Egészségügyi Szolgálat: 1122 Budapest, Maros u. 16/b (www.budavari-euszolg.hu/hu)
  • District 5Belváros-Lipótváros Egészségügyi Szolgálat: 1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 14-16. (https://www.blesz.hu/) 
  • District 6 and 7:  Terézvárosi Egészségügyi Szolgálat (TESZ): 1074 Budapest, Csengery u. 25. (http://tesz.co.hu)
  • District 8: Józsefvárosi Szent Kozma Egészségügyi Központ: 1084 Budapest, Auróra u. 22-28. (http://www.jek.hu)
  • District 9: Ferencvárosi Egészségügyi Szolgáltató (FESZ): 1095 Budapest,  Mester utca 45. (https://www.feszrendelo.hu)
  • District 13: XIII. Kerületi Egészségügyi Szolgálat: 1139 Budapest, Szegedi út 17. (https://euszolg13.hu/)
  • If – for some reason – you cannot book an appointment to the clinic of your district, you can try calling Semmelweis clinic (https://semmelweis.hu/klinikaikozpont/elerhetoseg/) .

How do I know which district I live in?

It is quite easy to decide: you can see a 4-digit postal code in your address. The two middle numbers indicate the district. For example Corvin dorm’s postal code is 1082, which means it is located in district number 08.

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