Application and update of Address Card

Whenever you move to a new place, you are legally obliged to report it to the Immigration Office within 3 workdays


Here, you can access the online application platform developed by the Immigration office!

Apply here


We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to use throughout the renewal procedure!

Online application guide


The Immigration Office developed an online platform for processing your application, and you can now simply upload your documents to From 2023 it is not possible to renew your Address Card in person, you must apply through this platform. The platform will ask multiple questions and we have assembled a guide for you to use! You will need to prepare the documents listed below:

    • Scanned images of ALL pages of your passport
    • Scanned image of both sides of your residence permit card
    • A filled-in accommodation reporting form,
      • You can download it from here, fill it in and get it signed by your accommodator (dormitory or landlord).
    • Proof of your address:
      • If you live in a dorm: get a certificate from your dorm that they provide you with accommodation,
      • If you live in an apartment: your rental agreement.

    When your application is approved, you can download the Address Card from the website. From 2023 there is a new format of Address Card. The new one doesn't have a stamp and signature on, only a QR code which will verify your address, however if you have the old format, it is still valid.