Work regulations for international (non-EU) students

The following working time regulations apply to students with a student residence permit:

  • During term-time: max. 30 hours/week
  • Outside term-time: max. 40 hours/week for a maximum 90 days period (max. 66 workdays)

If these working time limits are exceeded, it may be worth applying for a work permit. If you wish to apply for one please contact your employer.

Please note that having a valid residence permit, a valid TAJ card, and a TAX ID is required for employment.

Police clearance form / Certificate of good conduct

Some employers may ask for a background check to be conducted before they can hire you. Here is a guide on how to get such documents.


You can find sample CVs for many different areas of work here, and here on europass.  Another great tool you may use to build your CV is Canva. In Hungary, they might specifically ask for a CV with or without a photo of you. If they ask for one, make sure it looks professional!

Motivation letter

Employers often ask a motivation letter to accompany your application. Here’s a guide on how to write a kickass one!

    Where to find a job?


    Social media for the professional world. You can build your profile, find your connections, and even jobs on here. On here, you may not even need to search for jobs, the jobs will find you!

    Job Fair at BME

    Organised once a year, this fair brings some of the largest employers in Hungary to BME’s campus. You can do mock interviews, go to CV workshops, or directly enquire at HR about openings.


    The largest job database in Hungary.


    Job and internship search platform, exclusively created for generations Y and Z. You can switch the website’s language to English in the top right corner. 

    You can find English speaking jobs at the link below:


    MÜISZ has several English speaking positions. Please scroll along the webpage and look for the English captions to find them.


    If you click on the link below, you can find the foreign language speaking positions. At the capture “KATEGÓRIÁK”, you find the different languages listed.

    ÉSZI Career Booklet