Work permission for students from foreign countries:

Students from a foreign country carrying out regular studies in Hungary as part of a cooperation program can work in their term-time for a maximum of twenty-four hours weekly, and sixty-six working days beyond their term-time or during a period not exceeding ninety days.

Job Fair at BME:


You can find sample CVs for many different areas of work here 

Motivation letter:

In a motivation letter you have to share some personal thoughts regarding the position you apply for.

  • Why do you want to work for that company?
  • Why are you a good choice for the position?
  • What could you learn while working to the company?
  • What could you provide to the company?
  • What important skills do you have for the team?

So in general, you have to explain your motivation behind applying for the position.

Where to find a job?

You can find the English speaking jobs on the link below:


MÜISZ has several English speaking positions. Please scroll along the webpage and look for the English captions to find them.


If you click on the link below, you can find the foreign language speaking positions. At the capture “KATEGÓRIÁK”, you find the different languages listed.