BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) offers free dormitory placement to a limited number of students. Each summer, you have the opportunity to apply for it via Neptun (E005 and E005NEW request, under the Administration menu). The selection process for first year students depends on their admission points, while for returning students, it depends on their grades from last year (CGPA). This also depends on your faculty, since each have different cutoff points. Your placement in your rooms is completely at random. However, it is possible to swap rooms between students upon reaching mutual consensus. In this case, both students have to send an email to, including all necessary details. Please note that if you apply for a dorm place, you agree to stay there for the academic semester, which means that you reserve no right to ask for accommodation allowance once you get accepted, even if you want to move out during this time!

Each dorm has its own rules and breaking them can have severe consequences. If we receive complaints about your behavior multiple times, your contract will be terminated. There will be regular inspections (3 each semester) at these venues that you MUST attend. You will be informed about their time in advance. Mentors will go and check your living conditions and survey if you have any problems. Please read below for more information about the currently available dorm(s).

Visit Hostel

1114 Budapest, Vásárhelyi Pál u. 2-4

Open hours: 9am – 6pm Monday to Sunday

Visit Hostel


Visit Hostel is located very close to Móricz Zsigmond körtér and Újbuda-központ in Nr. 2-4 Vásárhelyi Pál utca. It takes around 15 minutes to get to any building on campus on foot and even less if you use public transport. Near the hostel itself there are numerous places you can eat. There is also a big mall called Allee, where you can find almost anything you need, including a large supermarket. It takes 5 minutes to get to the mall on foot.


    The rooms of the hostel are modern and fully equipped. Everyone has a cupboard, a table, a lamp for reading, a box spring bed, and bedclothes. Each room has a separate bathroom at the end of corridor, cleaned by hostel staff at regular intervals. There are rooms with a maximum of 6 beds. Some rooms have direct access to their respective bathrooms. Fully equipped kitchens are shared by residents of each corridor. Wi-fi connection is available throughout the hostel. Also, there is a roof garden on the top floor.

    How to get to Building R of BME?

    It is a 15 minute walk from the Hostel, or you can take tram 6 from Móricz Zsigmond körtér  to Petőfi híd, Budai Hídfő in around 7 minutes.


    If we find unacceptable hygienic conditions in your room during our monthly inspections or if we receive any complaints about your non-compliance with the house rules, we will take note of that. Repeated offences might result in you being expelled from all university dormitories. The house rules are found on this link: HOUSE RULES

    Visit Hostel