Long-term accommodation

We are happy to help you find housing in Budapest. Be it a dormitory or an apartment, you will surely have questions with which you can feel free to contact us.


University dormitories

BME offers free housing for SCYP scholarship-holder students at Martos Dormitory and for SH and Diaspora scholarship holders in Visit Dormitory for which you have to apply in KEFIR. Check out the dormitory and application details here!

Private dormitories

If you don’t want to miss out on daily student life, but are not eligible for a university dorm, book a private dorm! We have collected the most popular ones here. 

Private rentals

If you prefer a calmer living environment, you should consider renting an apartment or a room with friends. We have collected the most popular websites for you.




Short-term rentals

If you are looking for accommodation for a shorter period of time, read through the following page. We collected a few useful websites for you.


Address card update

If you moved recently, you are legally obliged to update your official address at the Immigration Office!

Contact us

If you have any questions please check the FAQ or contact us using the form below! We aim to provide answers as detailed as possible, which can take some time. Please be patient; we cannot respond immediately.

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