In case of accidental injuries, you can visit one of the following Traumatology Emergencies (look for the sign “Baleseti”). With accidental injuries having a valid TAJ card or having private insurance is not a must, you will be examined without valid health insurance. However, you will most likely have to pay for the examination and treatment after receiving medical care. (If you have private insurance through BME, please check out the private insurance menu point where you can find more information about the reimbursement process in emergency situations) 

With what injuries should I visit the Traumatology? 

You should only visit the Traumatology if you have experienced accidental injuries! Some of these injuries could be: 

  • wounds, fractures, bruises on head/neck/shoulders/arms/wrists 
  • chest bruises 
  • rib fractures
  • sprains, fractures of the thighs/legs/ankles/feet 

    Which hospital should I visit? 

    Visit the hospital based on where the injury happened (not necessarily the one that belongs to your address)! Please note that not all hospitals have traumatology! Click on the district where the accident occurred, and you’ll be redirected to the location of the traumatology you need to visit!

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