Hostels for short-term stay

We can only provide temporary accommodation for very few students, so we STRONGLY suggest that you book a hostel prior to your arrival to Budapest, if you have not secured any other form of accommodation.

We collected a list of websites where you can book hostels for short-term stay:

Quarantine accommodation for students coming to Budapest 

For all students coming to Budapest, you will need to spend 10 days in quarantine upon your arrival. This can be skipped if you meet the criteria presented here, but if you do not then we have found several cheap places to spend the quarantine. Please note, during these 10 days you may not leave your quarantine space for any reason. When you contact these places to reserve a room, please be sure that you tell them that you would like to spend your quarantine there.

This list is constantly being updated, check back for more later if the places below are full! 

Absolut City Hostel

Budapest, Károly körút 13-15, 1075


Corvin Hotel Budapest

Budapest, Angyal utca 31, 1094

Corvin Hotel Budapest: Quarantine package


Full Moon Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Szent István krt. 11, 1055


GoodMo Hostel

Budapest, József u. 13, 1084


Hotel Timon

Budapest, Üllői út 329, 1184


It is very close to the airport, and you can arrange this accommodation even last minute. Also, it is fairly cheap, so it is our top recommendation!

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