BME provides its students with various opportunities to do sports. The Sports Centre and the Sports Field (in Hungarian: Sporttelep) are both in service of the students who can try more than 25 sports including yoga, squash, tennis, fitness and so much others. So how can a student use these brilliant opportunities?

Option 1 : Register for a Sportclass at the beginning of the semester. You will find it as Physical Education, or you can try searching for the Hungarian “testnevelés”. (Note: You might not see it in the English language Neptun. In that case, sign in while turning the a languagae to Hungarian. Here choose Tárgyak -> Tárgyfelvétel here tick “Minden további intézményi tárgy” and search for “Testnevelés” (be careful where you put the “é”letter)). Here you can choose from various sports, which will be part of your schedule. For most sports, you will need to pay a fee of 8000 HUF (approx. 20 EUR). Like this, you will be registered to the class and you will have a fixed place to do some sports every week.

Option 2: If you can’t decide, which sport you would like to pick, you can buy a so-called B-type pass by submitting request number 068 in Neptun. This will cost 8500 HUF (approx. 22 EUR) with which you can enter the Sport Centre in schooltime (weekdays, 8:00 – 14:30). With this, you can participate in any sport’s class which has free space. You can check the free spaces at the subject registration in Neptun. The B-type pass is also valid for the gym of the Sport Centre in weekdays 8:00-14:30. With this pass, you can enter the Sport Centre 16 times (either to join a sport class or to use the gym). If you run out of these 16 occasions, you can buy a new one any time.

Option 3: From 14:30 and on weekends, the Sport Centre and Sport Field open their gates for non-BME visitors as well. In these periods you cannot use your B-type pass, but you can buy other passes for the gym or sports you would like to do. You can find the list of activities on the Sports Center’s website.

You can find more information and contacts at the website of the Sport Center:

If you are into swimming, you can visit the website of Tüske pool:



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