To do list and possibilities for graduated students


Congratulations on graduating!


If you do not want to stay in Hungary after your studies:

You must leave the country after your graduation date, as your residence permit is only valid as long as you have an active student status. This active student status ends on your graduation day, unless you have been previously accepted into a higher level program (master’s or PhD). In the case that you continue on with your studies, please contact your faculty beforehand to ensure your continued student status.


SH alumni program:

At other authorities regarding your Hungarian degree:

Remember to also close your Hungarian bank account, and transfer any remaining funds over to an account from your destination country! 

Regarding anything else, you have nothing more to do but to find your way home! We were happy to have you, and see you next time!


If you do want to stay in Hungary after graduating:

Health insurance

You should know, your TAJ card and private insurance (currently Generali) will expire the moment you cease being a student of the university, regardless of the expiry date on it. Because of that, in order to be able to stay, you must buy a private health insurance contract, that covers most health problems. For that please check out the following companies. – Most of them do not have an English webpage, please call them if you decide you need them.

Also, if you have a Hungarian bank account, if you visit one of their offices, they can offer you private insurance.


Immigration office possibilities after graduation

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Traineeship: (in case you already have a contracted trainee program)

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Job-searching or Entrepreneurship: (in case you wish to stay in Hungary for longer and look for a job or founding a company here)

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment: (only in case you already have a contracted job)

Residence Permit for Other Purposes: (if none of the previous ones held the aim of your further stay, you can apply for this one)

Temporary Residence Permit: (At this time only the nationals of New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South-Korea and Japan and the inhabitants of Taiwan and Hong Kong are eligible for temporary residence permit.)