Private Dormitories

In addition to renting rooms or apartments, private dormitories can also provide a solution for housing. They may differ from one another in several ways: the number of beds, services included, and costs. All the dorms mentioned below provide long-term stay, which means a contract for 6 or 12 months.


Private dorms provide furnished accommodation: you may encounter single rooms, but 3-4 bedded rooms are a lot more common. Bathrooms and kitchens could belong to each room, but it is common that several rooms share them. More expensive dorms may provide cleaning and laundry services.

Costs and Contracts

Private dorms are usually cheaper than apartments and room rentals. Utilities may or may not be included in your rental fee, but the contract will clearly state this.

Please note that BME does not have a contract with these dormitories, and hence it is YOUR responsibility to comply with their rules. Please note that private dorms have their own policies and breaking them can result in the termination of your contract. Also, many Hungarian and foreign students from other universities are looking for this type of accommodation, so the number of places is limited.


They normally require a few months’ rental fee worths of deposit that will be reimbursed after you move out only if you conformed to your contract throughout your stay. It is required to compensate for any damage you may cause to your accommodation. It can also be held back if you do not stick to your monthly payments. To avoid any future misunderstanding with the dorm manager, please take photos of your room as you move in and report any already-existing issues and damages to the accommodation.

You can find more information on this page under “Rental fee and security deposit”

 You can find several private dorms on the internet, and here are our top picks for you:


Kelenföldi Apartment House

    The Kelenföldi Apartment House – operated by Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) – can accommodate the students of other higher educational institutes as well.

    If you are looking for accommodation, the attached information sheet may help you decide if you would accept it.

    If you like the offer, please, fill out the feedback form so they can contact you.

    Feedback form:

    Dean’s College Hotel

    • Apartment for 4 people: 315 EUR/month/person
    • Apartment for 2 people: 345 EUR/month/person
    • (etc.)


    MP Hostel Budapest

    The dorm is located at Blaha Lujza square in the 8th district.

    • 2 bedded rooms from 25 EUR/day/person
    • 4 bedded rooms from 17 EUR/day/person
    • 12 bedded rooms from 11 EUR/day/person

    If you intend to stay longer, please request a special offer via their contact email address:


    Prices may change, for accurate prices please check the reservation page.

    Gueststudent dormitories

    Several dormitories belong to this single company. Applications to them are managed through their central system, and this is the reason we are listing them collectively. If you like any of their dorms, please, contact them via email ( or phone/Viber/WhatsApp/iMessage (+36706742769)!

    • Corvin Dormitory & Hostel 

      2-bedded, 4-bedded and 5-bedded rooms for 65,000, 55,000, and 45,000 HUF/person/month, respectively.

    • Bajcsy Dormitory 

      This dorm provides places in rooms with 1 and 2 beds for 85,000 and 70,000 HUF/person/month, respectively.

    • Keleti Flat 

      This dorm provides places in 2-bedded and 3-bedded rooms for 70,000 and 60,000 HUF/person/month, respectively.

    • Kálmán Dormitory 

      3-bedded and 4-bedded rooms for 45.000 and 40,000 HUF/person/month, respectively.

    • Honvéd Dormitory

      4-bedded and 6-bedded rooms for 45,000 and 40,000 HUF/person/month, respectively.

      The dorm is located in the 11th district, close to Bikás Park metro station. Apartments consist of two double bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The rental fee is 66,000 HUF/person/month (utilities included). For more information, please visit:

      Körúti Magánkollégiumok

      Several dormitories belong to this single owner. Application to them is managed collectively through their online contact form that is available here. Below, we are listing all their dorms separately, including some further information about them.

      • Blaha House 
        This dorm provides single and twin rooms for 300 and 220 EUR/person/month (including utilities), respectively. The deposit is 300 and 200 EUR/person for single and twin rooms, respectively.
      • Corvin House – the dormitory rooms are not co-ed
        This dorm provides single, mini single and twin rooms for 280, 250, and 200 EUR/person/month (including utilities), respectively. The deposit is 300, 200, and 200 EUR/person for single, mini single, and twin rooms, respectively.
      • Ludovika Kollégium – the dormitory rooms are not co-ed
        This dorm provides single, twin, and mini-twin rooms for 80,00, 60,000, and  50,000 HUF/person/month (including utilities), respectively. The deposit is 95,000 for single rooms and 70,000 HUF/person for twin rooms and mini twin rooms.
      • Váralja House – only for girls
        This dorm provides places single and twin rooms for 275 and 220 EUR/person/month (including utilities), respectively. The deposit is 250 and 200 EUR/person for single and twin rooms, respectively.


      This dorm is located close to Keleti Railway station, at 1077 Budapest VII. kerület, Rottenbiller utca 17-19. It has several types of rooms starting from 430 euros for a 3-bedroom apartment for 3-6 students, going all the way to 810 euros/month for a loft with a garden. The list of prices and rooms, as well as more info on each of the rooms can be found by clicking here.

      Lux Rooms Budapest 

      Lux Rooms Budapest is a fully renovated, furnished and equipped student residence located in a beautifully maintained, safe and clean building in the heart of Budapest’s 6th district, 2 min. walk from the UNESCO World Heritage Andrassy avenue, with public transportation and stores just around the corner. 

      Rooms from 269 to 350 EUR/bed/month depending on the size and number of beds in the room: 

      • Full Moon: double room, 299/bed/month 
      • Leopard: double room, 299/bed/month 
      • Taj Mahal: double room with private bathroom, 330/bed/month 
      • New York: triple room, 269/bed/month 
      • Dune: double room, 299/bed/month 

      Conatct: Email: · Whatsapp: +36204257851 

      Address: 1064 Budapest, Rózsa utca 72 

      For more information visit the website: 

      More offers: (click here)

      PLEASE NOTE: These prices are up to date as of summer 2022