General Practitioner (GP) 


The most important doctor during your stay in Hungary is your local General Practitioner („Háziorvos”). Everyone belongs to a specific GP based on their address, and you need to visit him/her at first in most cases. After examining you, the GP will send you to a specialist on your problem with a medical referral or prescribe you the necessary medicines. They are also able to issue sick leave papers, which is needed if you missed a few days from work due to illness. 

Most GPs don’t require pre-booked appointments, you can go there anytime during their visiting hours, though it is suggested to arrive early on to avoid long queues.

If you don’t know who your GP is, you should send an email to that includes the following:

exact address according to your address card,

-your mother’s FULL maiden name,

-your date of birth,

-your nationality,

-your TAJ number,

-the expiry date of your TAJ card,

-your Neptun code,

-your phone number, as well as

-a detailed description of your medical issue.

Based on this information, we will shortly provide you with their name and their office hours. If the doctor doesn’t speak English, we can also help you with translation. If you need help with appointments, please send us a screenshot of your timetable from Neptun! 

You can find the GPs of your dormitories: 

Dormitory GP’s name GP’s address Office hours English 
Visit 1
(Vásárhelyi Pál utca 2-4)
Dr. Orosz Sándor 1114 Budapest, Ulászló utca 32-34. Monday: 8-12
Tuesday: 16-20
Wednesday: 8-12
Thursday: 16-20
Friday: 8-12** or 15-19*
NO ***
(Kocsis utca 5.)
Dr. László Andrea 1115 Budapest, Keveháza utca 10. (1st floor No. 124) Monday: 8-12
Tuesday: 8-12
Wednesday: 16-20
Thursday: 8-12
Friday: 8-12
Visit 2
(Nagyszeben út 24/B.)
Dr. Péter Zsuzsanna 1118 Budapest Sasadi út 13. Monday: 8-12
Tuesday: 16-20
Wednesday: 8-12
Thursday: 16-20
Friday: 8-12* or 16-20**
(Üllői út 52/B)
Dr. Vámosi Péter 1085 Budapest, József körút 36.
(entrance from Salétrom utca)
Monday: 15-19
Tuesday: 8-12
Wednesday: 15-19
Thursday: 8-12
Friday: 8-12** or 15-19*

On some days office hours are different every second week, in these cases:
* means odd weeks,
** means even weeks.
Their number is counted from the beginning of the calendar year, so the first is odd, the second is even, etc. You can always check this site for help:

*** Dr. Orosz asked us to stress out that foreign students should always go there ONLY WITH TRANSLATOR as he won’t accept you otherwise in any case. He also doesn’t accept new patients in the last 1 hour of each day’s office hours, so please don’t go there in that time period. 

Availability of GPs outside their office hours

If you need to see a doctor when your GP is not available (e. g. on weekends), you can visit the closest general doctor on duty („Háziorvosi ügyelet”) – there is one in each district. Here you cannot know who will examine you, and you might have to wait for a long time – so you will probably need a mentor’s help (or someone else who can translate to Hungarian). This is ONLY for urgent cases! Otherwise, you should wait until your GP is available.

The location of 0-24 doctors in the districts where most of our students live:
District 11: 1115 Budapest, Tétényi út 12-16/A
It is inside the Szent Imre hospital complex, near the emergency entrance. Many doctors we met there could speak English, but you can never be sure about it.

Districts 6 and 7: 1073 Budapest, Dob utca 86.

Districts 8 and 9: 1096 Budapest, Haller utca 29/A
It is located in a large hospital complex, but it has a separate entrance from Haller utca.

How do I know which district I live in?

It is quite easy to decide: you can see a 4-digit postal code in your address. The two middle numbers indicate the district. For example Corvin dorm’s postal code is 1082, which means it is located in district number 08.

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