Lost or stolen Residence Permit

1. Report the case to the Police!

A) If you are in Budapest, go to any police station (under Kapitanysagok) on this link.

B) If you lose your residence permit outside Hungary, you should report the case to the nearest Police station. In order to return to Hungary, you need to contact the closest Hungarian Embassy or Consulate to request a Certificate. Alternatively, you will need to apply for a D-type visa, just like you did when you first came to Hungary.

Please note: once you report the loss of your residence permit, the document will be canceled and searched by the police. If you found your residence permit, you must hand it to the police, and use your new document that you receive from the Immigration Office. If you were to use your cancelled Residence Permit, in case of a police check or border crossing, the police could charge you with misuse of documents. 

2. Visit the Immigration Office!

Address: 1135 Budapest, Szegedi ut 35-37
Currently you can visit the Immigration Office without an appointment. When you go, please bring all the necessary documents with you, otherwise, you will have to repeat the procedure. If you are confused about some of the requirements, do not hesitate to contact us at imt.documents@bme.hu

– Police Report
– Valid Passport
– Photograph
Completed Form 
– FOR TUITION FEE-PAYING STUDENTS, there is a procedural fee of 10.000 HUF, which must be paid in duty stamps (in Hungarian: ILLETEKBELYEG, available in any post office).

You can learn more about the process on the website of the Immigration Office here.