Residence Permit Renewal

It is strongly suggested that you start your application at least 2 months before your current card would expire!

Apply here

Here, you can access the online application platform developed by the Immigration office!

Guide for online application

We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to use throughout the renewal procedure!


The Immigration Office developed an online platform for processing your application and hence you can now simply upload your documents to The platform will ask multiple questions and we have assembled a guide for you to use! You will need to prepare the documents listed below:

  • An application form filled-in where English cues are provided too as well, signed at two places (in the box and at the top signature line on the other page), see the fill-in guide here,
  • passport size photo,
  • Your Letter of Award as proof of your monthly stipend,
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance:
    • Your TAJ card, even if it is due to expire soon,
    • If your TAJ card has expired, a copy of your UNIQA contract.
    • As a final resort, you can upload your Letter of Award as proof of having access to healthcare,
  • Transcript of your academic records (pick it up in the CAO),
  • A student status certificate,
    • BSc and MSc students can pick it up in the CAO in building R – CURRENTLY due to COVID-19, ONLY BY FILLING A NEPTUN REQUEST (E999) – for more information, click here!
    • PhD students should visit the Dean’s Office of their faculty, but you do not actually need to meet the Dean!
  • Scanned images of ALL pages in your passport (even the EMPTY ONES)
  • A filled-in accommodation reporting form,
    • You can pick a blank one in the Stipendium Hungaricum Student Office in R10, fill it in and get it signed by your accommodator (dormitory or landlord).
    • You can download it from here and you can see how to fill it in here.
  • Proof of your address:
    • If you live in a dorm: get a certificate from your dorm that they provide you with accommodation,
    • If you live in an apartment: your rental agreement,