English-speaking General Practitioner (GP) services for international students at BME, organized by the University

Thanks to the cooperation established between BME and Semmelweis University, English-speaking GP services are now easily accessible to all international students at BME.

Until recently, international students sometimes faced difficulties in accessing their GP. Language barriers and the lack of health insurance were among the more common issues that hindered communication between the students and their GP.

Recognizing this, BME, in cooperation with Semmelweis University, now offers complete GP services to all international students and university citizens with an active TAJ card at BME, with only a preliminary registration required.

The service is available to both scholarship holders and fee-paying students. The service is free of charge but requires a TAJ card and an active student status. The Student Services Directorate (HSZI) at the Chancellor’s Office acts as liaison and administrator between the students and the GP services provider.

Students must register for the service online through the following link: https://regisztracio.bme.hu/requesting-gp-services. If there are further questions, students may contact the HSZI representative at medicalhelp@m365.bme.hu. For further information, please visit https://hszi.bme.hu/en/sh/insurance/general-practitioner/ .