[Update: We added information about medicine and pharmacy services]

Dear Students,

We urge you to order your groceries from an online vendor such as the ones below. You will find several price differences and delivery times so consider the most convenient.  

Always add your room number to the delivery address! 

Our tips: 

  • Avoid buying perishables. If possible, try to opt for items that last longer even when not refrigerated such as canned goods, legumes and grains, 
  • Plan to buy food that can be prepared fast or in less than 20 minutes (your allotted kitchen time), for example cereals, pasta, sandwiches, etc. Please avoid foods with long cooking time during these times. 
  • Buy enough goods for at least 10 days. If possible, schedule another order if your quarantine is longer, 
  • Consider getting online coupons and discount codes. Here are some starting points: 
  • Check your toiletries and hygiene products to see if you have enough before ordering. 
  • Remember to always choose no contact delivery and online payment 
  • Keep as balanced diet as you canRemember to keep your immune system strong, 
  • Consider buying vitamins and supplements. Specially Vitamins C and D 

Medicine and Vitamins – Although, these do not cure/prevent/treat COVID, they could ease some pain and make it easier to cope with the symptoms. These are products that are popular in Hungary. Please be safe taking them and follow the recommendations on the packaging. Also make sure that they do not contain allergenics that you are aware can cause you a reaction. Lastly make sure you pay attention to WHO for recommendations  

  • Drug store medicine:  
    • Neo Citran: It can be in powder (soluble in warm water) or tablets. Helps with throat pain, fever, headache, etc. It is a popular cold medicine. 
    • Advil: It comes in capsules. There are several lines of the product but they mostly focus on treating pain, fever and inflammation (ibuprofen). It is a popular headache remedy 
    • Rubofen 
    • Panadol 
    • Algoflex, 
    • Saridon,  
    • Nurofen 
  • Tea: 
    • Camomile tea: You can buy a pack of tea bags in online stores. It is internationally a traditional folk remedy to relieve from colds among many other illnesses. 
    • Green Tea: It is loaded with antioxidants and can provide several health benefits. Drinking tea will also help keep you hydrated. 
  • Vitamins: In Hungary you can get vitamin capsules, hard tablets and effervescent tablets. You can get these from your preferred online supermarket or drugstore. The most recommended Vitamins for this situation: 
    • C Vitamin 
    • D Vitamin  
    • Zink 

Online pharmaceutical services: Unfortunately, most of these online services do not have an English translation. Try to use the extension of google translate from your browser. If this does not work, then we will be happy to support you in translation. 

These are just some of the many online services offering medicines.  

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Online grocery shopping services – These services often offer both household items and food products. They also take different times to deliver. 

Food delivery services– You can order already prepared meals.