Acquiring the immunity certficate card

There are 3 ways to get the certificate depending on your situation.

1. After getting vaccinated in Hungary

When you get your first shot of the vaccinethey automatically send you the card free of chargeThere is no expiration date but the first day of immunity is written on it. The type of vaccine you got is not mentioned. Be aware that you only receive an immunity certificate card, if you received the vaccine in Hungary!

2. After recovery

In this caseyou will also receive it automatically, free of chargeIt is valid from the day you leave the hospital or the day of your first negative PCR test after a positive one. (If you only have one PCR test (positive), you will receive a card that is valid from your first day out of quarantine.) In these cases, the card is valid for 6 months.

3. After having COVID without symptoms

It is not freenor automaticYou have to pay for an antibody test (11 000 Ft) at a laboratoryfirst and then apply for the certificate (3 000 Ft).  You can arrange the antibody test at any private laboratory.

With the results, you have to request the card at a government office (kormányablak)  in person or through an online form (in order to be able to do it online, you need to have a customer site (ügyfélkapu) account). The card is valid for months, starting from the day of the test.

4. After getting vaccinated outside of Hungary

If you receive your shots outside of Hungary, and then you travel here, there is a possibility to apply for a Hungarian Immunity Certificate. You can either apply online using client gate (ügyfélkapu) or going to any government office (kormányablak) personally. For the application you will need an English or Hungarian official document stating the type of vaccine and the date, place of the vaccination.  

Please be aware that only vaccines received in certain countries are accepted in Hungary. You can find some examples of the countries in which the vaccine received are accepted in Hungary:  

Azerbaijan, Bahrein, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, EU member states, NATO member states, OECD member states etc.  

About the exact list of countries, which is expanding day-by-day, you can receive more accurate and up-to-date information at government offices.  

Benefits of having an immunity certificate card

As more people are vaccinated, more restrictions are lifted for cardholders. Currently most of the restrictions are lifted, but as the pandemic situation, it may change from one day to another. Please always be informed of the official websites.  

Some examples of the rules currently in force:  

  • It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask, except in hospitals and social institutions.  
  • It is no longer obligatory to hold an Immunity Certificate to enter restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities  
  • For sporting, dance, and other indoor events, as well as outdoor events with more than 500 people attendances, limits remain in force and entry is only allowed to holders of Immunity Certificates.  

Where will they send your card?

There are many options: they either send it to the address on your address card, the one you write on the paper they give you when you get your first shot of vaccine or the one you registered with. The system is a bit inconsistent so please check all possible addresses.

You can change the address they choose to deliver your card to at a government office (kormányablak).

If your card doesn’t arrive within 2-3 weeks after the first dose of vaccine, go to the government office or write an email to the following email address:

What if you have not received your card?

If you moved recently, or you have multiple addresses on your address card, make sure they didn’t deliver it to one of the other addressesMoreoverthe system is overwhelmedall the cards are sent by mail, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks. If it doesn’t arrive by then, write an email to vedettsegiigazolvany@1818.huor visit a government office.

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